App Features

SFindit is set to revolutionise the social sports industry of Australia. Team Captains of social teams will now be able to find fill-ins and replacement players to fill their teams and cover any last minute withdrawals. SFindit will take the stress out of organising and playing social sport and put the fun back in!

Pin Drop Location

A pin drop on a map shows upcoming matches available, no matter where you are in Australia.

Create With Ease

Simply press on the location of your match on our interactive map to create a request for a player and fill out a form.

Chat Rooms

Each request has its own chat room to distinguish between requests.

Select Your Sports

You select the sports that interest you. Our interative map pin drops are coloured from sport to sport.

Who We Are

SFindit has been 18-months in the making from the creators, GEETHEN.COM PTY LTD. We have an extensive background in both the sports industry and I.T. for over 20 years and looking to combine the two passions to create detailed yet simple to use platforms for the industry.